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AIE - WISE Program for AI Electronics


Industry-academic collaborative education to foster practical skills
Interdisciplinary education for encouraging a bird’s eye view
Industry-academic collaborative education to foster practical skills, Interdisciplinary education to foster overview skills

Five-year integrated graduate education to foster practical skills and abilities to take a bird’s eye view over real-world problems

AIE has established a five-year integrated graduate school education system. It offers industry-academic collaborative education through collaboration between researchers from private companies and universities. Additionally, it provides interdisciplinary education through highly specialized researchers from diverse academic fields.


Industry-academic collaborative education is a major feature of this program. With this education, we have established Project Based Learning (PBL) courses that foster management skills and develop practical skills to resolve issues while working in collaboration with companies outside of the university. PBL enables students to improve their practical skills by analyzing the situation, building strategies for the challenges given by companies, and implementing those strategies.

With interdisciplinary education, we have established a series of courses that allow students to learn the basic academic disciplines that support AIE technology and pursue global development aggressively. We also offer various internships, such as internships at overseas companies utilizing overseas bases of Japanese companies and those for joint corporate research where students are engaged as co-researchers in collaborative research projects between our university and companies. Participants of these internship programs can grow into globally active and outstanding doctoral students who play a central role in the international scenario.

These programs are divided into three courses: the Basic Course (T1 Year), the Advanced Course (T2 and T3 Years), and the Professional Course (T4 and T5 Years). The programs aim to develop students with practical skills and an awareness of industry-academic and social collaboration.

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