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AIE - WISE Program for AI Electronics


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Hone your practical skills and abilities
to take a bird’s eye view over real-world
problems and create continuous innovation.

Director of the AIE Education and Research Center
Kaneko ToshiroProfessor
Department of Electronic Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University

AIE, in the WISE Program for AIE, stands for Artificial Intelligence Electronics.
As you know, currently, artificial intelligence has a multidimensional usage, which significantly benefits us. With the proposal for an ultra-smart society (Society 5.0), this program provides a platform to learn artificial intelligence, which will be extremely important in the future.

The program is a five-year integrated education that combines the master’s and the doctoral program, and it targets students entering the doctoral program.
The program is primarily designed on two foundations: interdisciplinary education and industry-academic collaborative education. Corporate researchers and university faculty members work together to create classes and develop students’ practical skills and abilities, providing them with a bird’s eye view over real-world problems. The students benefit immensely from outstanding leader seminars, Project Based Learning (PBL) courses, corporate internships, and other excellent programs.

Incoming students are interested in their respective research fields and other fields of study, actively participating in various classes. We expect these students to be involved in the world’s first AIE research and new product development initiative after graduating from the WISE Program for AI Electronics.
We hope that students will acquire wide-ranging expertise and knowledge in artificial intelligence through this program and continuously innovate by involving technologies from different fields.

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